First lets be clear, there are lots of VAs out there and we all realize that fact. But when it comes to community, schedules, and crew center's, this Virtual is striving to do it the best. My name is David Harris and I'm the owner, President and CEO of this wonderful general aviation airline. Don't let my position fool you, from day one when I started this small virtual I was then and still today committed to being an everyday line pilot and my goal is to make this virtual the very best one I've ever been with and since 1986 I have been with many in every title available.

So as we go forward I believe that Grand Canyon Air Transit is in a unique position to foster an environment of learning and fun for the next generation of virtual aviators. This industry can be some what confusing at times and I am humbled to be placed into a position to assist. We strive ourselves on providing a fun airline simulation. Whether you are interested in becoming a pilot as a hobby, aspire to fly for a real airline or even if you are now a real world pilot we want to help you every step of the way in what ever way we can. 

Our mission here at Grand Canyon Air Transit is to fulfill the promise of delivering a Virtual Airline that can inspire growth, promote change, and establish a community based on love and integrity. Regardless of background, our aim to provide graphicly a highly realistic simulated airline experience for our diverse group of hobbyists. GCAT will always remain dedicated to the very pilots who form the core of this virtual airline; all decisions by management shall be made with the interests of the pilots at the forefront of its thought process. We will through our website and technologies provide an environment where pilots of all experience levels and interests are challenged and intellectually stimulated in the pursuit of their hobby but most of all we strive to make your experience FUN!

About "FUN!" We are focused on providing a virtual environment that is free of suffocating pressure, narrow-minded perspectives and zealotry that tend to become the hallmark of large-scale virtual airlines. 
In this respect, GCAT strives to ensure all pilots are exposed to enjoyable and varied opportunities through strategic initiatives. We are committed to ensuring our automated reporting systems, as well as its flight planning systems remain up to date and accurate to ensure complete realism. We will accomplish this by using the most up to date tracking systems available to us. Currently we feel that the best available 

for our needs is FSAirlines management system. The FSAirlines system allows us to mange our virtual airline as realistically as possible! FSAirlines Flight-Tracker connects directly to your flight simulator and
uses this data to compute our virtual airline's metrics. The FSAirlines Crew Center offers an easy way for us to manage all aspects of the virtual airline.

Grand Canyon Air Transit (GCAT) virtual airline is exclusively Owned, Operated and Funded by Network-360 LLC., a organization based in the United States and wholly owned by David L. Harris. Grand Canyon Air Transit, known as a "virtual airline" has been in existence since 2021. and has regular listings as (Grand Canyon Air Transit), (GCAT) (flycanyon.com) and is a subsidiary of Network-360 LLC.  Regardless of background, Grand Canyon Air Transit aims to provide a graphically-realistic simulated airline experience that's both fun and educational to our diverse membership. 

Finally, If you believe that you can carry our core values with  you as a pilot 

We'd love to have you call Grand Canyon Air Transit your Home!

Our Team

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David L. Harris

Founder and CEO


I'm Dave Harris a former FS-9, FSX, X-Plane-9 and X-Plane-10 enthusiasts. I have been in and out of flight simulation since 1989. With the advent of MSFS-2020 I decided jump back in and join a great GA virtual however, all of the good ones seemed to be based in Alaska these days. So with nothing of interest in the United States I released funding from my company Network-360 LLC. to build one. Welcome to The Grand Canyon Air Transit Virtual. Servicing the Grand Canyon region of the US! Finally we now have a General Aviation virtual that can compete with Alaska!

Come Join us and I'll see you in the Blue!


Karen Anderson

Network-360 LLC.


I'm Karen. secretarial assistant  here at Network-360 LLC. I know very little about flight simulators and I'm not much of a gamer however I am currently working on David's project and have found it to be very interesting so far. Who knew online flying was actually a thing right? So as the lead on his project I am tasked with the funding and administrative aspect of the project to include securing the approved online systems and infrastructure. As the project moves forward I will be charged with bringing additional talent on board. I can't wait to see this thing in action!

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VP Marketing

Position to be filled at a later date.

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Operations Officer

Position to be filled at a later date.